Following an idea developed by a family business dedicated to processing – market fish food and fish-based, in order to draw environmental policy impact we took on the task of re-use the skins until then discarded and contaminating the environment. Today thanks to the commitment of a team aligned with this environmental policy arises FIORA MARROQUINERÍA S. A. S company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing of fish skins and finished leather fish product.

Today the business opportunities in a product previously discarded are possible and our company feels part of the development and innovation of techniques for processing fish skins in Colombia, making a great contribution to the world of leather goods in design and fashion is about.

We offer several types of finishes on the skins: natural, bright and metallic, we also have a variety of textures and a wide range of colors according to fashion trends.

So far we have found that in Colombia there are very few who dare to use the skin for its size, however after researching found that you can perform countless products and applications in apparel and accessories, enough ingenuity, vision and paramount creativity of the designers and the people who make up the group design process gives the skin.

We are a company committed to the environment and today we dare to name the fish skin as ” SKIN OF THE FUTURE ” with designs rather than natural .

The fish skins have a resistance above 150 newtons ensuring a long product life, it is important to clarify that our skins were subjected to laboratory tests by CEINNOVA lab ( certificate) specializing in this type of testing the leather industry

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