Who are we?

Justification of the company name

Fiora: Rio North Italian Lazio and southern Tuscany born on Mount Amiata and empties into the Tyrrhenian Sea waters carrying in their variety of fish of different colors and sizes that make it attractive for antique architecture seen on its banks and the species that are born.


We are a leather goods company dedicated to the production, manufacture and marketing of fish skin (leather ) footwear, handbags , leather accessories fish , our commitment is to the preservation of the environment , so our products are made with the highest standards of quality and sustainable processes.


By 2019 we want to consolidate our position as the first leather goods , producers and exporters of fish skin in the country, positioning our brand in major stores handbags and selling our products in foreign markets.

Business Review:

Following an idea developed by a family business dedicated to processing - market fish food and fish-based , in order to draw policy environmental impact we took on the task of giving use the skins until then discarded and contaminating the environment today thanks to the commitment of a team aligned with this environmental policy arises Fiora S lEATHER SA company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing of fish skins and finished leather fish product.

Today the business opportunities in a product previously discarded are possible and our company feels part of the development and innovation of techniques for processing fish skins in Colombia , making a great contribution to the world of leather goods in design and fashion is about.

 We offer several types of finishes on the skins : natural , bright and metallic , we also have a variety of textures and a wide range of colors according to fashion trends .

So far we have found that in Colombia there are very few who dare to use the skin for its size, however after researching found that you can perform countless products and applications in apparel and accessories , enough ingenuity , vision and paramount creativity of the designers and the people who make up the group design process gives the skin .

We are a company committed to the environment and today we dare to name the fish skin , as " SKIN OF THE FUTURE " with designs rather than natural .

The fish skins have a resistance above 150 newtons ensuring a long product life , it is important to clarify that our skins were subjected to laboratory tests by CEINNOVA lab ( certificate) specializing in this type of testing the leather industry

our skins

  • No impact the environment , as the species that transform a free leather and legally captured in Colombia for human consumption.
  • Our suppliers are specialized centers in fish hatcheries under captivity.
  • Used for leather industry as footwear, handbags and accessories.
  • Are renewable resource .
  • They undergo a process of ecological tanning.
  • They replace some species in danger of extinction .
  • They are strong , durable, and a great look

Finally we seek with our products is consumer generate feelings and emotions not only of design but exclusivity and awaken in them an awareness of ecological culture .


Innovation , social responsibility, environmental responsibility, quality .

  • Innovation: To Fiora MARROQUINERIA innovation focuses on the raw material, the skins of fish discarded by fishermen before today become used in shoes , bags and accessories of people seeking exclusivity and design before uncommon materials.
  • Social responsibility: In our company we run practices , strategies and management systems in order to achieve a balance between economic, social and environmental dimensions , seeking to generate positive effects on society and affirming our values ​​and principles , so the skins are purchased from artisanal fishermen their livelihood comes from fishing .
  • Environmental Responsibility: The skins used in Fiora MARROQUINERIA are fishes bred in captivity used for human consumption whose skins were buried or left as environmental contaminants near the water, we buy these skins and carry a tanning blank Free chrome does not affect the environment with natural products that help an ecological balance and well-being of society.
  • Quality: Every product we make is manufactured with the highest quality leather , carefully collected and treated in processes curtimbre with 100% green to help the environment , each of our producers is responsible to accommodate the cuts to the sizes of the skins and colorful place in each collection, then those responsible for quality control review each product thoroughly looking for total customer satisfaction in both design and quality .